Social Login - Assigning Roles

The Social Login extension allows you to add social login buttons anywhere on your site and choose which roles to assign to the buttons. There are two ways to show social connect on login forms: 

1. You can turn on Social Connect button for default setup.

2. Create multiple social login shortcodes so you can have different output on your site depending on where you want to add the buttons.

1. If the social connect button is turned on for each provider  ( Facebook, Instagram,X (formerly Twitter), Linkedin etc. ), it will automatically show the social login buttons in Login and Registration pages by default. To turn on Social login button, please navigate to UM > Settings > Extensions > Social login.

Please read the Social Login Setup to get the app details.

When a user registers, the form on overlay will use a role based from global default role set in Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Registration form > Registration Default Role that will be assigned to the user on successful registration.

2. The other way is using Social Login Shortcodes. You can put shortcode anywhere on the page or you can add a content block field in Login/Registration form where you can add the social login shortcode. To create a Social Login Shortcode, go to Ultimate Member > Settings > Social Login> Add New

This allows you to choose which role will be assigned to the user that will authenticate with the Social Login buttons generated from the shortcode.