Followers Setup


This document provides instructions on our Followers extension setup.

User Profile

When the Followers extension is activated on your site, these features are shown on the user's profile:

  • Followers/Following Stats
  • Follow/ Following / Unfollow button

Settings page

When the extension is activated, it will add a Followers tab under  Ultimate Member > Settings > Extension. Once you navigate to the Followers tab you will see the following options:

  • Show followers stats in member directory - If turned off, guests will not be able to see the followers stat in member directory.
  • Show follow button in member directory - If turned on, the follow button of a user will show on the member directory.
  • New Follower Notification - If turned on, a user will receive an email whenever a new user clicks the follow button on their profile. You can also customize the subject line and content of the email.
  • Allow Administrators to follow users - Displays Follow buttons in profiles & member directory

User Role

This extension also allows you to set which roles a user role can only follow. To set a specific role, please go to WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles and edit a user role. You will then be navigated to the Edit User Role page. On this page, scroll down to the Followers options.

Privacy Settings

Users are given additional option to set their profile privacy, activity wall and private messages to people they follow or their followers.


When the Notifications extension is also integrated on your site, users can turn on or off email notifications for new followers directly on their account.