Private Messages Setup


This document provides instructions on our  Private Messages extension.

Private Messages

When the extension Private Messages is activated, it will add a Messaging  tab under  Ultimate Member > Settings > Extension

Settings page

Once you navigate to the Messaging tab you will see the following options:

  • Show messages button in member directory - Enable/disable buttons "Message" on the Members page.  Note: "Message" buttons can be disabled for certain directory using option "Hide message button in directory".
  • Show unread messages first - Show conversation with unread messages first. 
  • Message character limit - You can set the maximum number of characters allowed in each conversation reply.
  • Block users from sending messages - You can add user IDs that cannot send messages on the site. Use comma to separate the list.
  • Primary color - You can also select the color of the message box outline, links and send message button.
  • How often do you want the AJAX refresh conversation (in seconds) - AJAX timeout. Too small value may slow down the site.
  • New Message Notification - If turned on, a notification will be sent to user when a new private message is received. You can edit the subject and content of the email notification.
  • Send email notifications If user did not login for - You can set the last log in time period to send email notifications about new messages if the user's last login time exceeds that period.
  • Send email notifications If user didn't read message for [n] hours - Send email notifications about unread message if the user didn't read it during that period.
  • Send email notifications not more then [m] times - Email notifications about unread message will be send every [n] hours but no more then [m] times.

[Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Private Messaging]

User Role

This extension allows you to control private messages on specific user roles. To modify the settings on a specific role, please go to  WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles and choose which user to modify. You will then be navigated to the Edit User Role page. On this page, scroll down to the Private Messages options.

[Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit role]

Member Directories

Extension "Private Messages" adds buttons "Message" on the Members page. There are two settings that allow to enable/disable these buttons:

  • Show messages button in member directory at the [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Private Messaging] page - enable/disable buttons "Message" for all member directories;
  • Hide message button in directory at the [Ultimate Member > Member Directories > Edit Member Directory] page - disable buttons "Message" for certain directory.

Buttons "Message" on the Members page

User Profile

Extension " Private Messages" adds these elements:

  • "Messages" tab on member Profile page;
  • Button "Message" on other members Profile pages;
  • Member option "Who can send me private messages?" on Account page.

Users can send private messages by clicking the Message button on either the user profile page or the member directory. Once the message button is clicked, a pop up window will appear where users can easily exchange texts, links and emojis.

"Messages" tab on Profile page

Button "Message" on other members Profile pages

Member option "Who can send me private messages?" on Account page

Privacy and Notifications

If Followers and Real-time notifications  extensions are also integrated on your site, users are given the option to control who can send them private messages and if they want to receive email notifications for new messages directly on their account settings.