User Reviews Setup


This document provides instructions on the user reviews extension

User reviews

When activated the plugin will add a user reviews link to the Ultimate Member sub menu. This link will take you to the user reviews page which lists all approved/flagged/pending user reviews on your site. As an admin you can edit all user reviews and also change the review from approved to pending or vice versa.

Settings page

When activated the extension will add a user reviews tab to the settings page. On this tab is the following options:

  • Show Reviews tab for guests – If turned off guests will not be able to see the reviews tab on user profiles
  • Show user rating in members directory – If turned on the star rating of a user will show on the member directories
  • Who can flag reviews – This option allows you to decide who can flag reviews
  • New Review Notification – If turned on a user will receive an email whenever another user leaves a review of that user. You can can customize the email subject and content.

User roles

The extension adds a widget to the user role page so you can give each user role unique review/rating permissions

  • Can have user reviews tab? – If turned off user reviews will be disabled for this role.
  • Can review other members? – This option allows you to select if a role can review other members
  • Can review these roles only – If a user role can review other members you can decide if the role can only review certain roles
  • Automatically publish reviews from this role? – If turned off, reviews from this role will be pending admin review and not published automatically.
  • Can remove their own reviews? – If turned off users with this role will not be able to delete their own reviews that they have left for other users
  • Can remove other reviews? – If turned on users with this role will be able to delete user reviews

User meta

The extension includes a user rating field so you can show a user’s rating in their profile header or anywhere else where user meta can be selected.