Online Users Setup


This document provides instructions on how to setup the online users extension

Sidebar Widget

The extension adds an online users widget which you can add to your sidebar and/or footer. The widget allows you to add a title, select the maximum number of profile photos to show in first view (default is 20). If more than 20 (if default is used) users are online users will have to click the text link to reveal the other users. You can select to show all user roles or select to show one role only.

User Profile

The extension adds a green circle next to the user’s name on their profile if the user is online. The extension also adds an online user field to the plugin which allows you to display the user’s online status in the user meta section of the profile

User Privacy

The extension adds an option to the privacy tab on the user account page so users can decide if they want other users to know when they are online or not.