Using HTML in e-mail templates


This new feature allows you to send your users e-mail notifications in HTML instead of regular plain text e-mails.

Turn on HTML in e-mails

To activate this feature, you have to turn on HTML for e-mailsfrom theSettings > Emails tab.

Customize the HTML templates

The plugin includes default and basic HTML e-mail templates in the following directory: /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-member/templates/email/ and you will notice that each e-mail notification has an HTML template in that folder. To customize these templates, you have to override and create your own HTML templates and place them in a directory outside of the plugin (to protect the custom templates when the plugin is updated).

To do this you need to do the following:

1. Via FTP or File Manager (if using cPanel) navigate to your theme folder (We are using Twenty Fifteen as an example).


2. Enter the theme folder and within the theme create a new folder and name it "ultimate-member".


3. Enter the the ultimate-member folder and create a new folder called "templates"


4. Enter the the templates folder and create a new folder called "email"


5. Enter the the email folder and add your custom HTML email templates


This will ensure that your custom HTML templates will not be overridden by plugin updates. You can create your own HTML templates and start using them for your customers notifications.

Important: You must not edit the HTML templates directly within the plugin as you will lost the changes when you update Ultimate Member. You need to follow the instructions above.