Social Login: Twitter App Setup


This document provides instructions on how to properly setup a Twitter application so that users can login/register via Twitter on your site. You will need to purchase the  social login extension if you want users to login via Twitter.

Creating a new app

To allow users to login to your site with their Twitter account you need to create a Twitter app. To create a new Twitter app please do the following:

  • After the app is created you will be redirected to your application and you will see the following page:

Settings tab

To correctly setup the app you need to make a change on the settings page. On the settings page you will see a checkbox that asks: “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter”. You must tick this checkbox for Twitter login to work properly.

You can also add your logo and organizational details on this page if you like.

Keys & access tokens

On this page you will find the consumer key (API key) and consumer secret (API secret). You need to copy both of these and add them to your site on the Twitter tab on settings page.


Access should be left on the default setting which is “read only”.