Social Login: X ( formerly Twitter ) App Setup


Warning: This article has been deprecated since version 2.7.0.

This document provides instructions on properly setting up an X(formerly Twitter) application so that users can log in/register via X on your site. You will need to purchase the social login extension if you want users to log in via X.

NOTE: The setup for Twitter App version 2 is in this article.

Creating a new app

To allow users to log in to your site with their X account, you need to create a Twitter app. To create a new Twitter app, please do the following:

For first-timers, you must verify your Twitter account. Twitter will ask you how you intend to use the Twitter developer platform. You must submit a standard application for access to the Twitter developer platform. 

  • Click the "Overview" in the left side menu.
  • Under the "Standalone Apps" click on the "+ Create App" button.

  •  Enter the name of your App and click the Next button.

  • Once the App is created, copy the API Key and API Secret Key.
  • Add the keys in the Social Login. Go to Ultimate Member > Settings> Extensions > Social Login> X Social Connect.
  • Go Back to the Twitter Developer Portal

  • Under the Projects & Apps menu, see the "Standalone apps" menu and click on your Twitter App's Name.

  • Now, add your URLs to the callback URLs in the Twitter App settings under "Authentication Settings."

    First, Edit the Authentication Settings > Enable the options "Enable 3-legged OAuth" and "Request email address from users."

    Under the " Edit the Authentication Settings," Go to the Callback URLs section and then add your Redirect URIs. See the example below:

 * Don't forget to add URLs for other required fields such as Website URL, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

 * Once you've filled out all the required fields, hit save, and your Social Login for X should be good to test.

 * You can also add your logo and organizational details on this page if you like.