How to add and use custom email templates

Use hook 'um_email_notifications' to add custom templates.

Use method UM()->mail()->send( $email, $template, $args ); to send email based on template. Optional argument $args allow to extend placeholders array.

Custom emails are shown on the page [wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email]. Administrator can edit custom email templates in the same way as default email templates.

Each email template has options 'TEMPLATE_NAME_on' and 'TEMPLATE_NAME_sub'. You can use method UM()->options()->update( $option_id, $value ); to set default value for these options.

How to edit custom email templates (example)

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email]

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email > Edit]

How to add and call custom email templates (code example)

NOTE: We are not able to provide any support when it comes to customizing the plugin. We created this code example to provide guidance only.