How to debug MailChimp error


This document provides instructions on how to detect and debug errors that may appear when a member subscribes to the MailChimp audience using the MailChimp extension.


Debugging #

Update plugins #

Update the "Ultimate Member" and "Ultimate Member - MailChimp" plugins to the latest version. You can update plugins automatically or update it manually from the archive.

Image - How to update plugin automatically

Plugins, Installed Plugins

Follow instructions in the documentation to update the plugin manually from the .zip archive.

Enable requests log #

The extension may save information about external API requests. Turn on the Enable requests log setting on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > MailChimp to enable this feature.

Image - How to enable and view the Requests log.

Verify fields merge settings #

The request to add/update a contact fails if fields data are wrong or incomplete. Follow recommendations in Field type restrictions to avoid problems.

Go to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > MailChimp > Edit MailChimp connection and verify that:

  • All required audience fields are merged with equal required fields in the registration form.
  • The address audience field is not used or address data collected in the registration form are complete.
  • The drop down and radio buttons audience fields are merged with proper form fields with exactly the same options (choices).

The Merge User Meta widget has several tools that help you to configure fields relationship and avoid mistakes:

  • required fields marked by the ! icon
  • additional information about field type and choices may be seen under the ? icon
  • a warning appears under the field if the field merged wrong. Hover over the ? icon to see details.

Image - The Merge User Meta widget in the connection settings.

Image - A warning in the Merge User Meta widget.

Test manual subscribe and unsubscribe #

Try to subscribe and unsubscribe a member using fields in the account Notifications tab. Error message appears in Account if the update fails for some reason. Look at the Requests log to see error details.

Image - Error message in the account Notifications tab.


Investigate the Requests log #

The extension may save requests to the MailChimp server. You can overview the Requests log on the extension's settings page. Use the log to debug MailChimp API errors. Requests with errors are colored in red. Usually, you may find the error detail in the RESPONSE data.

Image - An error detail in the Requests log on the page wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > MailChimp.

Common MailChimp errors #

Forgotten Email Not Subscribed #

MailChimp doesn't allow re-subscribe permanently deleted contacts by API. You have to go to your MailChimp account and re-subscribe to this contact manually.

Note: We don't recommend using the action "Permanently delete" on account removal. Read the article MailChimp Setup for details.

Image - The error message "Forgotten Email Not Subscribed"

Member In Compliance State #

MailChimp adds an email address to the black list if a member uses the link "unsubscribe from this list" in the email footer.

Image - The unsubscribe link

This email address can't be resubscribed via API. You should see an error message if you try to resubscribe using fields in the account tab Notifications.

Image - The error message "Member In Compliance State"

We can't influence this logic from the site. A member can resubscribe by clicking the button "Subscribe" in the email "You are now unsubscribed" that Mailchimp sends after the contact is unsubscribed.

Image - The email "You are now unsubscribed"