Ultimate Member - JobBoardWP integration


Ultimate Member - JobBoardWP integration is an easy-to-use and lightweight plugin that enables you to add integration between job board functionality and user profiles to your website. This document provides instructions on integrating JobBoardWP with Ultimate Member using the JobBoardWP integration extension.

Note: You have to install and activate plugins JobBoardWP and Ultimate Member - JobBoardWP for the extension to work.


Settings #

Main extension's settings are placed at the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions >JobBoardWP]
  • Account Tab - Show or hide an account tab that shows the jobs dashboard.

The extension adds a tab to the account page for users with employer roles. By clicking on the ellipsis " ..." symbol, you can edit, delete, mark as filled, continue submitting, and submit the jobs again from the account tab.

User Roles settings#

You can enable or disable job tabs in the user's profile. User's posted jobs are displayed in the job tabs.
[Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role and see the JobBoardWP section]

Profile Menu settings#

The extension adds settings to the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu]. These settings allow you to manage the "Jobs Tab" in the profile menu:
  • Jobs Tab – Allows enabling/disabling the "Jobs Tab" in the Profile menu.
  • Who can see Jobs Tab? – Manage access to the "Jobs Tab" in the Profile menu.

Social Activity settings#

You can enable or disable activity posts regarding jobs in wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Extension> Social Activity

Note: Social Activity settings require the extension "Ultimate Member - Social Activity."

Private Messaging settings#

Enable or disable the message button in an individual job post to directly message the job author in wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Settings> Extension> Private Messaging.

Note: This setting requires the extension "Ultimate Member - Private Messages."

User Bookmarks settings#

Users can individually bookmark a job, to enable it go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Settings> User Bookmarks> Enable bookmark. Select the "Jobs" from the scroll options.

Once the user bookmarked a job, they will view it in the bookmarks tab in their profile.

You can also enable bookmarks on each page select the "Pages" from the scroll options.

Note: These settings require the extension "Ultimate Member - User Bookmarks."

Pages settings#

Once you install the  JobBoardWP integration extension, you can edit the Jobs, Jobs Dashboard, and Post Job pages in  [wp-admin> Pages> Edit Page]

These page settings allow users to enable or disable content restriction and UM User Bookmarks. Click on the checkbox to enable the settings.

Configure notifications#

The UM- JobBoardWP integration has a real-time* notifications.
Note: Real-time notifications require the extension " Ultimate Member - Real-time Notifications."     

[wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Settings> Extensions> Notifications]

Real-time notifications#

  • 'Your job is approved' - When your job post requests have been approved.
  • 'Your job is expired' - When your job posts have expired.
Each member can enable or disable real-time notifications using settings on the page [Account > Web notifications]

Verified User Settings#

If you only want verified users can apply in job posts, you can enable the settings in wp-admin>Ultimate Member>Settings> Extensions>Verified user.

Only the verified user can see the Apply for job button when the setting is enabled.

Note: Verified User settings require the extension " Ultimate Member - Verified Users."