MP3 field embed with audio tag


This document will allow users to play MP3 on their profile page. To make the mp3 field embedded with an audio tag, you need to use the code below:

Then add a new field in the Profile Form.Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Forms> Edit Profile Form.

Click the plus "+" sign button in the form builder to add a field. Set up a new field and select File Upload from the fields manager.

Set the title, label, and meta key of the new field. Choose MP3 from the Allowed File Types. Click on the Add button and Update button in the profile form to save changes.

Please note the meta key used in the sample javascript code above is mp3sound.  

Go to the user's profile and click on Edit profile. Users can now upload an mp3 file by clicking on the Upload button.

Once the file is selected and uploaded, click on the Save button.

To update the profile, click the check icon.