Adding {email} on Menu Short Tags

Short tags allow you to show or display a user's email address in the menu. However, by default, email is not available on the menu short tag. You can check this article to learn about conditional menus or menu short tags. 

You need to use the code below to add the user's email address on the menu and short tags. You can add this code using the ' code snippets' plugin or add it to your theme's functions.php: 


Go to wp-admin> Appearance> Menus> Edit Menus> Menu Structure. In the Custom Links, enter '#' in the URL field, add the {email} short tag in the Link Text field, and then click on the Add to Menu button.

Once you have added the custom link in the menu structure, click the dropdown arrow to show the menu settings.

Select " Logged In Users" from who can see this menu link and choose which member roles can see the menu link. When you're done setting up, click the Save Menu button on the bottom right of the page.

Visit your site and see the user's email displayed on the menu.

Note: We have created this code example to provide guidance and to make it easier for you to implement this code into your website. However, we are not able to provide any support when it comes to customizing the plugin. If you need help implementing this code, please hire a developer.