Automatically Send Birthday Greetings via Email to Users with Today’s Birthdays


Automatically notify or send greetings to your users via email on their birthdays using the following code snippet. This feature enhances user engagement and adds a personalized touch to your website's communication.


  1. Add the code snippet below to your theme's functions.php file or use the Code Snippets plugin. The code below creates a feature that automatically sends birthday greetings to users via email based on their birth date stored in the user meta.
  2. Once you have added and activated the code snippet, enable and update the email template "Happy Birthday!" in WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Emails. Click on the manage button to customize the birthday greeting, then save the changes.

Important: This code example is provided for guidance and to assist you in implementing the feature on your website. We are unable to offer support for customizing the plugin. If you require assistance with this code, we recommend hiring a developer.