Verified Users Setup


This document provides a detailed walkthrough for configuring and implementing the Verified Users extension, introducing a robust user verification system on your site. This system empowers users to request verification, subject to manual verification by the site administrator.


Settings #

Extension's settings #

Once you activate the extension, you will see the "Verified Users" tab on the page  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the setting:

  • Only verified users can apply for jobs - (optional) This option needs the JobBoardWP extension.

Image - Settings on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Verified Users

Email settings #

The extension adds these email templates:

  • Account is verified E-mail - a template for the email notification to the user when his account is verified.  Sends email notifications to users upon successful account verification.
  • Verification Request E-mail - a template for the email notification to the admin when a user requests to have their account verified. Sends email alerts to administrators when a user initiates an account verification request.

Administrators can effortlessly customize email templates by navigating to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email. Once there, locate the specific template requiring modifications and click on the gear icon for editing. 

Image - Settings on  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email.

Within the template settings, administrators have the flexibility to enable or disable the template, as well as change the subject or body according to their preferences. After making the desired adjustments, simply save the changes for immediate application. This streamlined process ensures quick and efficient customization of email communication to suit specific needs.

Content Restriction Settings #

  • Individual Post and Term Content Restriction Settings -  Enable content restriction exclusively for verified users by installing the Verified Users extension. This feature allows you to limit content visibility solely to those who have undergone the verification process. For more info go to this link.

  • Restrict Block Content to Verified User -  to limit access to designated content by enabling "Lock to verified accounts only." This ensures exclusive information is shared only with verified users, maintaining confidentiality from others without the necessary credentials. For more info go to this link.

  • Ultimate Member Menu Settings - When determining the visibility of a menu item, you can choose from three options: Everyone, Logged out, and Logged in users. Additionally, with the Verified Users extension activated, you gain the ability to display the menu exclusively to verified users. For more info go to this link.

User Request Verification #

Upon activation, users gain access to the "Request Verification" link within their profiles and accounts. This feature includes a user-initiated cancellation option. 

Image - The Request Verification link in Profile

Image - The Request Verification link in Account.

Image - The cancel request link after the user makes a verification request.

Administrators can view users who sent a verification request on the  wp-admin > Users page. Click the Request Verification item in the Users filter above the table. Administrators can either Approve or Reject the verification request when they hover over the user.

Image - The wp-admin > Users page

Once the user is verified, a blue circle with a checkmark badge will appear after the user's name at the front end.

Image - A blue circle with a checkmark badge after the name in the Profile.

Image - A blue circle with a checkmark badge after the name on the profile card in the Member Directory.

Manual Account Verification #

Administrators can manually verify any user from the admin page with or without a user request for verification.

Single user verification #

Administrators can manually verify users by clicking the " Approve verification request" or "Verify" link below the user's name on the wp-admin > Users page.

Alternatively, you can click the  Edit link to edit and verify a user. When you click the Edit link, scroll down to Account Verification and choose Verified Account on the drop-down menu. Click the Update User button at the bottom of the page to save changes.

After successfully verifying a user, a notification will display, stating "Users have been updated." Furthermore, when hovering over the verified user, an "Unverify" link becomes visible. In the status column, it explicitly indicates that the user has been verified.

Bulk verification #

For simultaneous verification of multiple users, navigate to  wp-admin > Users, select users, opt for "Mark Account as verified" from the UM Action dropdown menu, and confirm changes by clicking the "Apply" button.

Image - How to apply bulk verification.

Automatic verification by User Role #

The plugin can automatically verify users with a specific role once they register on your site. To configure this, go to  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles and click the role title or edit link to see the role settings. On the right side of the page, you will see the "Verified Accounts" panel. Select Yes in the setting Users with this role will automatically have a verified account.

Image - Settings on  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit User Role