Uploaded Files Structure


This document describes how the Ultimate Member plugin uploads and stores images and other files.

Upload Process 

The plugin adopts a structured approach for handling file uploads. Initially, files and images are directed to a temporary folder at /wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/temp/. Following form submission, the uploaded files seamlessly move to the respective member's folder.

Member's Folder Structure:

Every member on the Ultimate Member platform is allocated a dedicated folder at /wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/{user_id}/, where {user_id} is the unique user identification number. Within this folder, specific data types are organized.

Contents of the Member's Folder:

The member's folder categorizes data into sections:

  • Cover Photos and Thumbnails: This section stores original cover photos and their corresponding thumbnails.
  • Profile Photos and Thumbnails: Both profile photos and their thumbnails are organized within this section.
  • Images from the "Image Upload" Field: Images uploaded through the "Image Upload" field type are prefixed with 'stream_photo_' or easy identification.
  • Files from the "File Upload" Field: Files from the "File Upload" field type are labeled with the 'file_' prefix.

Note: The plugin renames the uploaded cover photo and profile photo files but keeps the original file extension: gif, jpg, jpeg, or png.


Consider the following example showcasing the structure of a member's folder:

This systematic approach ensures that each member's files are organized within their designated space on the Ultimate Member plugin.

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