Export & Import

There is no import/export tool in the Ultimate Member plugin. You can use third-party plugins to export user's text data to CSV files.


Popular plugins that can import and export users in WordPress:

Notice: Not all field types can be exported and imported. These plugins can import simple fields (text and number), but can not import complex data (array and object).

Warning: Don't use these plugins to transfer UM data from site to site. No plugin can transfer all UM data from site to site correctly. These data are lost: followers, friends, groups, locations, private messages, notifications, and user tags. Export and import the entire database if you need to transfer all UM data from site to site correctly.

Export files and photos

Photos and other files can't be exported to a CSV file.

The plugin saves uploaded files and photos to a user's folder. Each user has a separate folder. The pattern for the path to the user's folder is /wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/{user_id}/, where {user_id} is the user identification number.

You can use your FTP connection to download a user's folders from the /wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/ directory. 

To learn more about the upload file structure of Ultimate Member, go to this link.

Approve imported users

Users imported by third-party plugins are unapproved. Unapproved users can't log in to the site. Member Directory doesn't display unapproved members for regular members.

You have to approve imported users manually. Use bulk action Approve Membership or bulk action Reactivate to approve members. The plugin will approve members and send them an email - an Account Approved email for members whose current status is "Pending Review" (awaiting_admin_review) or an Account Welcome email for others.

Notice: Approval is a resource-intensive process because of emails. You can disable email templates "Account Welcome Email" and "Account Approved Email" on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Emails to make a process softer.

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