Export & Import

Ultimate Member doesn’t have the user import/export functionality. However, there are free plugins that allow you to import users into a WordPress site.

Try to use one of these plugins:

These plugins can import simple fields, like text or numbers. But these plugins can not import complex data, like arrays or objects. Not all field types can be imported. 

Warning: Don't use third-party plugins to transfer UM data from site to site. There is no plugin that can transfer all UM data from site to site correctly. These data are lost: user followers, user friends, user groups, user messages, user notifications, user tags. There is only one way to transfer all UM data from site to site correctly - export and import the entire database.

Note: WordPress doesn't store the raw password, it stores the password hash created by the function wp_hash_password. Users would not be able to login if you save a raw password to the column 'user_pass'.

You have to approve imported users. Unapproved users can't login to the site. Ultimate Member sends the Welcome email on approval.