Friends Setup


Friends extension allows users to send, accept and reject friend requests which adds more user interaction on your site. This documentation provides instructions on our  Friends extension setup. 

Settings Page

Once you activate the Friends extension, you will see the Friends tab in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Turn on/off  friend stats in member directory
  • Turn on/off  friend button in member directory
  • Turn on/off and customize New Friend Request Notification - this sends a notification to user when a new friend request is received.
  • Turn on/off and customize New Friend Request Notification - this sends a notification to user when a friend request gets approved.

User Roles

You can set specific user roles if they can friend other user roles or not in Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit User Role.

User Account Settings

  • Notifications

Users are also given the option to be notified when they get new friend request.

  • Privacy Settings

    Users are also given the option to choose friends only for Profile Privacy and Private Messages