How do I add my extra tabs to user profiles?

Customizing Ultimate Member profiles allows you to tailor user profiles to your specific needs. You can extend profiles with custom tabs, displaying unique content or forms. However, implementing custom tabs requires a solid understanding of coding principles. This guide provides code examples and instructions to help you create custom tabs for your Ultimate Member profiles.

NOTE: While we offer code examples and guidance, direct support for implementing customizations is not provided. For assistance, consider consulting with a developer experienced in Ultimate Member.

Understanding Profile Tab Hooks

Ultimate Member utilizes two hooks to manage profile tabs:

  • um_profile_tabs: This hook is used to modify and extend the profile menu.
  • um_profile_content_{$tab_id}: This hook is used to display content for the desired tab, where {$tab_id} represents the tab key in the $tabs array.

Accessing Profile Menu Settings

You can configure the visibility and privacy settings for each tab in the Profile menu by navigating to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu.

Adding an Extra Tab with a Form

In the example code below, the variable $fields_metakey is an array containing the "Meta Key" values of fields. You can locate existing "Meta Key" values for fields or create new ones using the profile Form Builder at wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit Form.

Example Code:
This code adds a custom tab called 'My Custom' to the user profile page in Ultimate Member. The tab allows users to edit their profile information.

Adding Multiple Extra Tabs

To add multiple tabs with custom shortcodes, ensure each tab has a unique key. You must replace the key in the array and the hook and function name for each additional tab.

Example Code: