How do I add my extra tabs to user profiles?

Ultimate Member profiles can be extended using custom code. Implementation of custom profile tabs requires someone with coding knowledge. We have created a code example that you can view here which will help you to create your custom profile tab.

NOTE: We are not able to provide any support when it comes to customizing the plugin. We have provided this code example to provide guidance only.

Ultimate Member has settings that can be used to show/hide and configure privacy settings for each tab in the Profile menu. Go to the page [wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu].

How to add an extra tab with form, example:

In this example variable $fields_metakey is an array that contains the form field`s "Meta Key" values. You can find existed field`s "Meta Key" or create a new field in the profile form builder.

How to add several extra tabs, for example:

This example shows how to add several tabs with custom shortcodes into the Profile page of the Ultimate Member.

NOTE: Each tab must have a unique key. You have to replace the key in the array and in the hook and function name.