Notices Setup


This document provides instructions on how to add notices to your site using our notices extension.

Settings page

When activated the extension will add a notices tab to the settings page. On this tab is an option to set position of footer notices. You can select to show footer notices on the left or right. This is a global option and applies to all notices.

Creating a notice

To create a notice click on Notices in the Ultimate Member sub menu and then click the “Add new notices buttons”. Give the notice a title and enter the text you want to show in the notice. You can then customize the notice using the following options:

  • Allow this notice to appear in footer –by default all notices will appear as a footer notice. If you turn this option off the notice will not appear as a footer notice and you will have to use the generated shortcode to add it to your site.
  • Display this notice to logged out users –This option allows you to decide whether or not logged out users can see the notice
  • Display this notice to logged in users –This option allows you to decide whether or not logged in users can see the notice
  • Which user roles can see this notice –This option allows you to decide which user roles can see the notice
  • Show If the user did not –This option allows you to show the notice to logged in users who have not: Uploaded a profile photo, uploaded a cover photo or have not completed a specific field (to use this option you must paste the meta_key for the field).
Footer rules
  • Show on specific URLs only – This option allows you to only show the footer notice on specific urls (if turned on you then need to paste urls into the text area (1 url per field).
  • Show on Homepage –This option allows you to decide whether or not the notice is shown on your site’s homepage
  • Show on Posts –This option allows you to decide whether or not to show the notice on posts
  • Show on Pages –This option allows you to decide whether or not to show the notice on pages
  • Show on Custom Post Types – This option allows you to decide whether or not to show the notice on custom post types


The styling section allows you to customize the appearance of the notice including colors, size and adding an icon to the notice.

CTA (Call to action)
  • Enable Call to Action button – I you want to show a button in the notice you can turn it on with this option. If turned on you will be able to set the button text, url, text color and background color.


Every notice comes with its own shortcode which you can use to show the notice anywhere on your site. Notices can appear as both a footer notice and a shortcode notice or you can tun on footer notice so that the notice is only used as a shortcode. If you have a notice as both a shortcode and a footer notice, the footer notice will not appear on the same page where the shortcode is added (this is to stop the same notice appearing twice on the same page).

Cookies & Flush

To stop notices appearing to users after they close the notice the extension will remember it using cookies for logged out users and using the user id for logged in users. Each notice can be flushed which means that the notice will appear again for logged in users who closed the notice. However the flush function only works for logged in users. For a logged out users to see the notice again they must delete their cookies.