Social Login: Google+ App Setup


    This document provides instructions on properly setting up a Google+ application so that users can log in/register via Google on your site. You will need to purchase our social login extension if you want users to log in via Google.

    Enabling API & App Registration

    To allow users to log in to your site with their Google+ account, you need to create a Google+ project and enable Google+ API. To enable API and create a new Google+ project, please do the following:

    1. Login with your Google account and go to the developer console website:

    2. Create or Choose a Project

    3. Click on the "Enable" button.

    4. After Enabling the API, you will be redirected to the APIs & Services

    Select Credentials from the left-side menu, it will take you to the APIs & Services page of your project.  Click on the "Configure Consent Screen" button.

    5. Choose the "External" in the options, then click on "CREATE" button.

    6. From the Edit app registration page, the first step is to fill in the OAuth consent screen fields and click on the "SAVE AND CONTINUE" button.

    7. You will now be on Step 2 in Scopes.  Click on ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES button to select the scopes. 
    You must select the three required API Scopes. You can do it by clicking on the check box. Once selected click on the update button.

    The selected scopes will now appear on Your non-sensitive scopes;  you can continue to the next step by clicking on the save and continue button.

    8.  On this step, you can add Test Users to test the social login, or if you wish to proceed without it, you can just click the save and continue button.

    The summary will show you the outline of your app registration.

    9. To create credentials, go to Credentials > +CREATE CREDENTIALS and select 0Auth client ID.

    Once clicked, it will take you to  Create OAuth client ID. Select the application type to a Web application. Enter a client ID on the name text field.

    Enter your site URL details in the Authorized redirect URIs field:

    Note: By default, URLs have the "/" symbol at the end of the path, but this is not required. Remove "/" before "?" if your site uses URLs without "/" at the end of the path.

    After you click on the create button, a pop-up overlay will appear, and you will see some information on the page.

    Copy and paste the "Your Client ID key" and "Your Client Secret key" into the Google Social Connect on the Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Social Login page to connect your site to your App.

    To show the social buttons on your website, make sure to mark a check on the Social Account Tab, Show social connect on registration forms, and Show social connect on login forms.

Click on the "Save Changes" and test the Social Login in the pages: Login, Register & Account > Social.  If you're encountering issues, please read the documentation article in the link:  Social Login Common Issues