Social Login: Google+ App Setup


    This document provides instructions on how to properly setup a Google+ application so that users can login/register via Google on your site. You will need to purchase our social login extension if you want users to login via Google.

    Enabling API

    To allow users to login to your site with their Google+ account you need to create a Google+ project and enable Google+ API. To enable API and create new Google+ project please do the following:

    Login with your Google account and go to the developer console website: Click the “Enable and manage APIs" 

    Go to Social APIs - Google+ API 

    Enable Google + API 

    OAuth Consent screen

    Fill in OAuth consent fields

    Creating new project and adding credentials 

    Enter the project details in the pop-up that appears and click the “create” button

    Go to Credentials sidebar and add credentials OAuth Client ID Which API are you using - Google+ API Where you will be calling the API from - Web Browser

    Enter your site url details into pop-up (leave application type set to web application) and click the “Create client ID” button. Important: You should also add the following URIs in the Authorized redirect URIs field:

    Note: By default URLs have the "/" symbol at the end of the path, but this is not required. Remove "/" before "?" if your site uses URLs without  "/" at the end of the path.

    After the client ID is created you will see some information appear on the page Copy and paste the  Client ID and Client Secret into the Google+ tab on the Ultimate Member > Settings > Social Connect page to connect your site to your App