User Photos setup


The User Photos extension empowers users to upload photos to their profiles and craft visually appealing albums. This document serves as a guide for setting up the User Photos extension.


  1. Installing
  2. Settings
  3. Account Features
  4. Profile Features

Installing #

You can download the extension by accessing your account on our website. If you've made an individual extension purchase, download it from the "Download" tab on your account page. Alternatively, if you've obtained a pass, retrieve the extensions from the dedicated downloads page. After downloading, proceed to install and activate it using the WordPress plugin installer located at wp-admin > Plugins. Refer to the "Installing an Extension" article for more detailed instructions.

Settings #

Extension settings #

Upon activation, locate the User Photos tab in wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions>User Photos. Options include:

  • Album columns - choose the number of album columns.
  • Photo columns - choose the number of photo columns.
  • Photo rows - choose the number of photo rows.
  • Album photos limit - set the number limit of photos in an album. 
  • Album Cover size - set the album cover size.
  • Photo thumbnail size - set the photo thumbnail size.
  • Disable cover photo - the album cover field will be hidden.
  • Disable title - the title field will be hidden.
  • Disable comment & like feature - comments and likes will be hidden.

Profile Menu settings #

The extension adds settings to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu. Manage the "Photos" tab in the profile menu, including enabling/disabling and access control:

  • Photos Tab – Allows enabling/disabling the "Photos" item in the Profile menu.
  • Who can see Photos Tab? – Manage access to the "Photos" tab in the Profile menu.

Email Settings #

The extension adds these email templates:

  • User Photos - New album has been created – Send a notification to admin when user creates an album.
  • User Photos - Album has been deleted – Send a notification to admin when user deletes an album.
  • User Photos - Album has been updated – Send a notification to admin when user updates an album.

Administrators can edit templates in wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Email. They can enable, disable, or change the subject or body. Find the needed email template, and click the button "Edit" (gear icon). You'll see email template settings. Change what you want and save changes

User Role settings #

The extension adds a widget to the user role page, so you can give each user role unique permissions:

  • Enable photos feature? - Turns on/off photos feature for this user role. Disabled by default.
  • The number of photos that the user can add Optional. The maximum number of uploaded photos per user. 0 for unlimited upload.
To activate the photo feature for a particular role, navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles. Select and edit the desired role, then enable the "Enable photos to feature?" setting in the User Photos section. Additionally, you can specify the photo uploading limits for the role by adjusting the "The number of photos that the user can add" setting.

Account Features #

The extension adds the My Photos tab to the user account, allowing users to download photos and delete all albums and photos. 

Profile Features#

Adding New Album#

Users can create albums and upload photos in the Photos tab on their profile. Click + New album, add a title, and upload a cover image. Add photos by clicking + Select photos. 

Users also have the ability to choose with whom they share their albums or photos, as they can set the privacy settings for their albums. If the Ultimate Member Friends or Followers extension is activated, additional options for photo album privacy will become available.

  • Everyone: The album and photos are public, visible to everyone.
  • Only me: Only the uploader and admin can view and access the album and photos.
  • Only people I follow: Only the uploader, admin, and users followed by the uploader can see and access the album and photos.
  • Followers: All of the uploader's followers, including the admin, can view and access the album and photos.
  • Friends: Only the uploader's friends, including the admin, can see the album and photos.

Editing/Deleting Album#

Basic options for editing or deleting albums can be accessed through the 'gear icon' settings. You can edit the album title, cover, and content. Additionally, there is a confirmation feature in the album deletion process, ensuring users can proceed with confidence and prevent any unintended removals.

Viewing Albums and Photos#

Album details and individual photos are displayed in the "Albums" and "Photos" subtabs.