User Photos setup


User photos extension allows users to upload photos to their profile and create beautiful albums with photos. This document provides instructions on how to set up a User photos extension.

Settings Page

Once you activate the User photos extension, you will see the User photos tab in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Album columns - choose the number of album columns.
  • Photo columns - choose the number of photo columns.
  • Photo rows - choose the number of photo rows.
  • Album Cover size - set the album cover size.
  • Photo thumbnail size - set the photo thumbnail size.
  • Disable cover photo - The album cover field will be hidden.
  • Disable title - The title field will be hidden.
  • Disable comment & like feature.

Also, you need to enable user photos for a specific role. Go to the  Ultimate Member > User roles, choose a role, and enable the field "Enable photos to feature?". You can set the photo uploading limits for the role in "The number of photos that the user  can add."

Adding new album

The User photos extension will add the Photos tab on the user profile where users can create albums and upload photos.

You can add new albums by clicking on the " + New album" button, adding a new album title, and uploading the album cover image. Adding new photos can be done by clicking on the " +select photos" button.

Editing/Deleting album

The user photos extension provides basic options for deleting or editing albums under the "gear icon" settings.

If you Edit an album, you can edit the album title, change the album cover, remove the photos by clicking on the "x" icon and add more photos by clicking on the "+Select photos" button. To save changes, click on the "Update" button.

When you select to delete an album, a confirmation message will appear. Click the " Delete" button to proceed with the action.

In the "Albums", the album cover photo, album title, and the number of photos of each album are displayed.

The images are displayed individually in the "Photos."