How to set Role Priority for user roles

Role Priority

In WordPress users may have several roles. The Ultimate Member uses settings from the role with the highest priority. Settings from the newest role are used if two roles have equal priority.

Role priority should be set as a number and a bigger number gives a higher priority. Default user role priority is 0. Recommended priorities:

  • Participant (bbp_participant) => 5
  • Moderator (bbp_moderator) => 10
  • Keymaster (bbp_keymaster) => 15
  • Customer (customer) => 30
  • Subscriber (subscriber) => 35
  • Your custom roles => 40
  • Contributor (contributor) => 50
  • Author (author) => 55
  • Shop manager (shop_manager) => 70
  • Editor (editor) => 75
  • Administrator (administrator) => 90

You can set user role priority in the panel "Publish" on the admin page [Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role].

When you have 2 user roles "Subscriber" (subscriber) and "Keymaster" (bbp_keymaster), one should be the primary role. If we want the "Keymaster" to be used as the primary user role, we can add the higher priority number to it. The primary user role has the ability to make the login and register process follow its role settings.