What's new in UM Social Login 2.3: One-step Registration Process, New Social Networks, Popup Window Authentication & Profile Avatar improvements

Since our last minor release in July, we’ve been working on a variety of improvements to Social Login:

  • One-step process for users registering via social networks.
  • Social Shortcode's integration type settings
  • Sync Social Registration form fields
  • Opens a new browser window to authenticate Social Network's applications.
  • Redesigned Social Network avatars selection to change profile photo in Profile form.
  • Added Github, WordPress.com, and 20+ social network providers.

Ultimate Member 2.3 is a minor release, meaning  it should be fully backward compatible with all Social Login releases since 2.0. However, it’s still considered best practice and recommended, to backup before updating.

Here are some more details about what’s new in 2.3

One-step process

The 2-step process is still available as a default option for backward compatibility. 

Additional options are added in the Register form builder to allow the One-step process in the Social Overlay. 

In previous versions, when the first time you try to log in or register via a social network, you will be automatically connected and logged in with the site account that matches your email address in a social network account. 

In version 2.3, we have added an option to have the ability to choose the registration process when emails are matched.

  • Link Accounts & Login users Automatically 

- This is the default process since version 2.0.

  • Link Accounts & Redirect users to Login Page
  • Allow new account creation with a generated email address

- A new email address will be generated on the registration form process.  
Example format: nobody<user_id>@yoursitedomain.com

- You can modify the email prefixes with the following filter hooks:  
  + um_sso_generate_email_address
    - $email_prefix
    - $predicted_user_id
    - $site_url
  + "um_sso_generate_email_domain"
    - $site_url

  • Do not link Accounts & Prevent from account creation
       - Users will not be able to register or login via the social networks when both email addresses are matched and their social network email is not linked to the site. This will require users to manually log in to connect their Social Network via the Account Page.

Splash Screen

Version 2.3 has the ability to show a content block in Social Overlay as Splash Screen with an Image Loader for a few seconds. This can be disabled in the Social Register Form settings to keep the users redirected to the next page or process immediately.

Social Buttons Shortcode - Integration Type

We have improved the social button shortcode to restrict the social integration process. The new options are Login & Register ( default ), Login only & Register only. 

Sync Social Registration form fields with Social Network's API response data

Assign Social Network fields to Social Register fields to synchronize the values on Registration.

Basic Profile Info

On User Authentication, when a user has successfully authenticated via a social network, the plugin pulls the user data from the social network to the site and sync with register form fields.

Data Members:

Field Name Type Short description
identifier String The Unique user’s ID on the connected provider. Can be an integer for some providers, Email, URL, etc.
profileURL String URL link to a profile page on the IDp website
webSiteURL String User website, blog, web page,
photoURL String URL link to user photo or avatar
displayName String User dispalyName provided by the IDp or a concatenation of first and last name.
description String A short about_me
firstName String User’s first name
lastName String User’s last name
gender String User’s gender. Values are ‘female’, ‘male’ or NULL
language String User’s language
age Integer User’s age, note that we don’t calculate it. We return it as it is.
birthDay Integer The day in the month in which the person was born.
birthMonth Integer The month in which the person was born.
birthYear Integer The year in which the person was born.
email String User email. Not all of IDp grant access to the user email
emailVerified String Verified user email. Note: not all of IDp grant access to verified user email.
phone String User’s phone number
address String User’s address
country String User’s country
region String User’s state or region
city String User’s city
zip Integer Postal code or zip code.
extend Array An extra data is related to the user (e.g followers).
If you want to use the extend option, please read the documentation in the link: Social Login - Extend Options

Opens a new browser window to authenticate Social Network's applications.

Log in, register, or connect to a Social Network site via an Account page or any page that has Social Login buttons. 

We have improved the Social Network authentication process for requesting user application permission via a child window browser.

Like how other plugins such as NextEnd Social Login and other popular Single Sign-On plugins for WordPress implemented the same authentication process via a child window, this allows users to register/login/connect their Social Network accounts without leaving the current page.

Redesigned Social Network avatars selection to change profile photo in Profile form

Preview each Social Network avatar in Profile Photo when you hover on it. Just click/tap on the avatar to save the avatar as a profile photo.

Additional Social Networks: Github, WordPress.com, and 20+ more networks.

We have added Github and WordPress.com to the supported Social Networks in 2.3. We haven't enabled the settings for other Social Networks that are ready for usage since the latter networks have been requested by many customers.

If you want to enable other Social Networks, please see the doc to enable Social Login settings for hidden Social Networks.

Here's a list of supported social network providers and their specifications:

Adapter Unique Name                                     Specs                Has 2.3 Settings      Authentication & Basic Profile
Amazon OAuth2                           No                        Yes
AOLOpenID OpenID                           No
Authentiq OAuth2                           No
BitBucket OAuth2                           No
Blizzard OAuth2                           No
Discord OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Disqus OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Dribbble OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Facebook OAuth2                          Yes                        Yes
Foursquare OAuth2                           No                        Yes
GitHub OAuth2                          Yes                        Yes
GitLab OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Google OAuth2                         Yes                        Yes
Instagram OAuth2                          Yes                        Yes
LinkedIn OAuth2                          Yes                        Yes
MicrosoftGraph OAuth2                           No                        Yes
OpenID OpenID                           No                        Yes
Paypal OpenID                           No                        Yes
PaypalOpenID OpenID                           No                        Yes
Reddit OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Spotify OAuth2                           No                        Yes
StackExchange OAuth2                           No                        Yes
StackExchangeOpenID OpenID                           No                        Yes
Steam Hybrid                           No                        Yes
SteemConnect OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Tumblr OAuth1                           No                        Yes
TwitchTV OAuth2                           No                        Yes
Twitter OAuth1                          Yes                       Yes
WeChat OAuth2                           No                       Yes
WindowsLive OAuth2                           No                       Yes
WordPress OAuth2                          Yes                       Yes
Yahoo OAuth2                           No                       Yes
YahooOpenID OpenID                           No                       Yes

For a more complete list of new things, see the changelog at the bottom page.