Ultimate Member - Search Users


Search Users shortcode provides instant search results in the member directory as you type in its search field. By default, this shortcode is used by Ultimate Member - Search widget.

Use this shortcode anywhere on your site to allow customers to find the users via the general search field.

[ultimatemember_searchform /]

Image - How to add the  [ultimatemember_searchform /] shortcode to a page.

You should see a simple block with an input and the "Search" button (icon) on the front. Type a keyword and click the "Search" button. The site will redirect you to the Members page and show users who have a keyword in their data.

Image - A view of the [ultimatemember_searchform/] shortcode on the page.

The searching form is hidden if the Members page is disabled or the searching feature is disabled. Turn on the Enable Members Directory setting on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Users and turn on the Enable Search feature setting on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Member Directories > Edit Member Directory to enable the search form.

Warning: Make sure that you have installed the Members page here and there is a shortcode for the member directory, which has the general search bar. More information about member directory settings is here.

Note: If there is more than 1 shortcode with the active search bar on the members' directory page, a search will be performed for all shortcodes that have a general search bar display setting.