Ultimate Member - Shortcodes


Ultimate Member simplifies the integration of dynamic forms into WordPress pages and posts through the use of WordPress shortcodes. Ultimate Member boasts an array of shortcodes designed to seamlessly display different components of the plugin, including user profiles, registration forms, and more.

Core Plugin #


Account: #

The shortcode facilitating the integration of the account form is [ultimatemember_account]. Users can further customize their experience by showcasing specific account tabs through [ultimatemember_account tab="tab id"], as exemplified by [ultimatemember_account tab="password"]. The tab id, representing the section displayed in the URL (e.g., /account/general), allows users to seamlessly navigate between different account tabs.

Password Reset: #

For the password reset functionality, the UM plugin provides the [ultimatemember_password] shortcode, streamlining the process for users to reset their passwords conveniently.

Login, Registration, User: #

Critical to user interaction, shortcodes for Login, Registration, and User pages are readily available within the WordPress admin interface under Ultimate Member > Forms, ensuring easy access and customization for these essential pages.

Members: #

To enhance member directory functionality, administrators can incorporate shortcodes for member directories effortlessly. These specific shortcodes are conveniently located in the WordPress admin interface under Ultimate Member > Member Directories, providing a seamless way to manage and display member directories on the website.

Restrict Content#

Show Content to Specific Roles:#

For a detailed explanation of how these shortcodes work, kindly refer to the article "Restrict Content on a Page/Post to Specific Users' Community Role." This resource provides comprehensive insights into the functionality and usage of the mentioned shortcodes below.

[um_show_content roles="member"] Only the member role can see this content. [/um_show_content]

  • This shortcode displays content exclusively to members.

[um_show_content not="member"] Only non-member roles can see this content. [/um_show_content]

  • This shortcode restricts content to non-member roles.

Note: The role required for use in the shortcode is the Role ID. To ascertain the Role ID of a user, navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles. Refer to the image below for visual guidance.

Show Content for Logged-In Users:#

  • [um_loggedin] This text can only be seen by logged in users [/um_loggedin] 

Show Content for Logged-Out Users:#

  • [um_loggedout] This text can only be seen by logged out users [/um_loggedout]

Search Users:#

  • Integrate the search form seamlessly using [ultimatemember_searchform]. Ensure that the search feature in the member directory is enabled by going to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Member Directory > Edit a Member Directory > Search Options>Enable Search feature.

  • The image below provides an example of how the shortcode appears when added to a page.

User Profile URL #

This shortcode facilitates the retrieval of User Profile URLs. Below are examples showcasing the versatility of this new functionality:

  • [um_author_profile_link] - This shortcode retrieves the User Profile URL of the current post author.

  • [um_author_profile_link title="Content Contributor" user_id="11"] - This shortcode retrieves the User Profile URL for the user with ID 11, with a custom title.

  • [um_author_profile_link title="Contributor" user_id="11]Visit Contributor Profile[/um_author_profile_link] - This shortcode is similar to the example above, featuring an embedded anchor text that reads "Visit Contributor Profile."

  • [um_author_profile_link raw="1"] - This shortcode generates a raw URL output, e.g., https://ultimate-member-32669-3028774.umsites.net/user/admin/., but please note that the URL is not rendered as clickable.



We have compiled individual shortcode documents for each extension. The following list provides links to the respective documentation for your reference.