How to manage profile form with a huge quantity of fields

You may face several problems if your profile form has a huge quantity of fields (more than 150).

Max Input Vars

The default value for the PHP option max_input_vars is 1000. You have to increase this value to manage profile form with a huge quantity of fields. This value should be seven times the number of fields or greater.


  • 200 fields - 1500 input vars
  • 500 fields - 4000 input vars

Split the form

The profile form with a huge quantity of fields may be extremely slow. You may split members fields into several profile forms. How to do this:

  • Create additional profile form;
  • Patch the Profile page functionality.

Ultimate Member allows you to create several profile forms. You also may duplicate the existing profile form and then add or remove fields.

You have to patch the Profile page if multiple profile forms are used.

  • You may download the patch code from the repository and install it as plugin "Ultimate Member - Split profile form". Rename the plugin directory from the zip file name “profile-forms-master” to “um-profile-forms-master” 
  • You may add the code snippet below to the end of the functions.php file in the active theme directory (using child theme is recommended).

This patch adds a subtab for each profile form into the tab "About" and changes the link "Edit profile".