How to Enable Email Notification on Activation or Admin Review Upon User's Registration

Ultimate Member provides options that require users to activate their account registration through email or put the account under admin review.

You need to assign a role to  Registration Default Role from UM> Settings> Appearance> Registration Form> Registration Default Role

Once you have assigned a role, make sure to click the Save Changes button.

Require Email Activation

To enable the Require Email Activation upon registration, go to  UM > User Roles > Edit Registration Default Role> Registration Options > Registration Status.

If you select Require Email Activation from the drop-down menu, you will see new options added. 

  • Login user after validating the activation link?  - If you check this option, users will be login once they click on the activation link sent to their email.
  • Action to be taken after registration - If you want users to see a custom message or redirect to a URL.
    • Personalize the custom message - If Show custom message is selected, you can customize your message in the text area.
    • Set Custom Redirect URL - If Redirect to URL is selected, you can set the link or URL in the text field to redirect the user to a specific page or message.
  • URL redirect after email activation - The link you have input in this field will redirect the users once they click on the activation link from their email.

    Note: You need to enable the Account Activation Email in the UM> Settings> Email>Click gear icon so that the user can receive the email.
    The user will receive an activation email.

    The admin will also receive an email that a new user has registered on your site.

Require Admin Review

Select  Require Admin Review from the drop-down menu; you will see the options below.

The admin can review the newly registered account in wp-admin> Users>Pending review.

Suppose you want your admin to receive an email notification that a new account needs a review. In that case, you need to enable the  Account Needs Review Notification in wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Settings> Email.

The admin will receive an email notification that a new user has registered. The email includes the submitted registration form of the new user.