Import Existing Subscription Prices from your Stripe Account

To save you time, Ultimate Member added a feature where you can simply import the created or existing subscription prices from your Stripe account. When you import the prices, it adds a role to each status automatically. The default role in each subscription status is the role that is set in WP Admin > Settings > General > New User Default Role. Ensure that you have read the Stripe - Setting up Webhook and Test/Public Keys article before you proceed with the steps below.

The following steps will guide you on how to import your existing subscription prices from your Stripe account:

  • Go to wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Settings> Extensions>Stripe. 
  • Click the "Import Prices from your Stripe Account" button.

  • Once the import is done, It will display all the existing subscription prices you have created in Stripe.

  • When you import prices from the account, it should create Stripe Plans automatically and be ready to use. Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Stripe Plans. You can see here the following:
    • Plan ID -  You can use this to set the Stripe field's default selected plan in the Register form via the Form Builder
    • Type - This column displays whether the plan is a one-time or recurring subscription.
    • Price - This column displays the price of the subscription plan.
    • Mode - This column displays the mode in which your prices were imported. The Sandbox displays orange icons indicating that prices were created or imported in Test Mode.
  • When you try to edit the Stripe Plan, you will also notice that the Stripe Type/Mode and Stripe Price are locked. This is done to avoid interfering with the Site's and's subscriptions.

  • You can still create your Stripe Plans manually in UM > Stripe Plans > Add New.  For more info, read this article.