Access Tab


The access tab provides various settings for controlling access to your site.

Restriction Content

Global Site Access

By default Ultimate Member will make your site’s access available to everyone. What this means is that every page/post on your site will be available to everyone unless you change the access rule on a particular page/post. This is the best option to use if you want to allow non-members to view your site’s content but want to restrict certain pages to members only.

The other option you have is to lock down the site and make the whole site only accessible for logged-in users. What this means is that every page/post on your site will only be available to logged-in users unless you change the access rule on a particular page/post to make a page available to everyone.

However, in using this option, it is important to create a page where non-members can sign-up/login to your site. For example, you may want to make your homepage a landing page to encourage new users to sign-up.

Restricted Access Message

This is the message that will be shown to users that do not have permission to view the content.

Restricted Access to Post

Restriction content of the current posts

Restricted Access to Taxonomies

Restriction content of the current Taxonomies


Enable the Reset Password Limit?

This enables the admin to set the maximum reset limit. If the maximum limit is reached, user will be locked from using this.

Blocked email addresses

This option allows you to block certain email addresses from registering or signing in on your site. You can block individual email addresses or block entire services (e.g gmail accounts) by using a wildcard (*

Blacklist words

This option allows you to blacklist specific words to prevent anyone from using these words for their username when signing up to your site. Ultimate Member adds the following words to the blacklist by default: admin, administrator, webmaster, support and staff.