Using different translation of HTML email template files

By default sites based on WordPress are single-language. The WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML) makes the site multilingual. In this case you can translate email templates.

To use different translations of HTML email template files, you need to create a directory for each language.

For example, if you want to translate  to Thai, you will need to create subfolder  /th_TH/  in the directory  /wp-content/themes/{YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME}/ultimate-member/templates/email/  and then copy English email templates from the directory  /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-member/templates/email/  to the  /wp-content/themes/{YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME}/ultimate-member/templates/email/th_TH/

Once files are copied you can edit these new files and translate the English to Thai.

See also Email Templates, How to translate plugin.